First Church Congregational February Sermons will Focus on “The Sermon on the Mount” 

“The Sermon on the Mount” is the February sermon topic at First Church Congregational, on the Square in Downtown Painesville. Services are at 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m., each Sunday in February. Over past months, Rev. Tom Cofer has focused on a number of themes, including Gratitude, the Politics of Jesus and Church Vitality.

February 14th, in addition to being Valentine’s Day, is also Ash Wednesday, which begins the season of Lent, a traditional time of reflection and focusing on discipleship leading up to Easter, according to Rev. Cofer.

“As we begin Lent, we will be focusing on the Sermon on the Mount, which contains blessings, hard lessons, prayer, and pronouncements about the kingdom of God. I’m hopeful people join us as we look at these important words from Jesus, and how they continue to inform and shape our faith, and lead us into a closer walk with Him,” he said.

The February sermons will be:

  • February 4th – “Called to Be Blessed.” Focus Scripture will be Matthew 5:1-11. As we begin this sermon series, we start with the text from Matthew more commonly known as the Beatitudes. These challenging and hope-filled statements contain essential truths about our faith and the kingdom of God.
  • February 11th – “The Hard Sayings.” Focus Scripture on Matthew 5:17-48. These sayings are hard because they insist that our desires be as faithful as our actions. Even though they are hard, they still bring us abundant life.
  • February 18th – “The Disciple’s Prayer.” Focus Scripture on Matthew 6:1-15. In this section of the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus gave his disciples some important teaching about prayer. We will look closer at Jesus’ teachings and see how they can grow our own prayer life.
  • February 25th – “Astounded.” Focus Scripture will be Matthew 7:24-28. The people who heard the words from Jesus about building their houses on rocks instead of sand were astounded at what he said. We can be astounded, too, even over 2000 years later. We will see how important it is to build your life on a solid foundation.

First Church Congregational is located at 22 Liberty Ave, Painesville. For information, contact the church at 440-357-7518 or email Christy Duffus,  [email protected]. Or go the website for directions and other First Church Congregational information, First Church Congregational.