10 Awesome Gadgets for the Freeze Baby in Your Life

Winter seems to be hitting us a bit early this year. The weather is already getting cold and snow is hitting the ground. These gadgets will help you stay warm this season.


  1. In the winter it is so easy for shoes and boots to get soaking wet from the falling snow and slushy ground. Footwear used to take forever to dry, but not anymore. With the Dry Guy thermanator boot and shoe dryer trusty gadget, you can dry two pairs of shoes or boots at the same time. You won’t believe how fast your soaking wet shoes are ready to wear again.
  1. Speaking of footwear, you can prevent your feet from getting wet inside booths with these nifty self-warming boots from Columbia. With these boots, you no longer need to wear several layers of wool socks in order to keep warm. Now, a heat-reflective insulated liner that uses your body’s own heat will keep your toes nice and warm on even the coldest days.
  1. Warm beverages are a great way to warm up on a cold day. But, when the temperatures dip too far, coffee, tea and hot chocolate tend to cool off fast. Now your beverages can stay piping hot with a USB cup warmer with USB hub and clock. Not only will the warmer keep your drink at the temperature you want, you also get a four-port hub and a clock to boot.
  1. Tired of offices that are so cold on winter days that you can’t even get your work done? PerpetualKid.com has just what you need. The USB heated blanket uses an internal heating pad that is powered through the USB port on your computer. It is 33 inches long X 18 inches wide, so it’s big enough to throw over your shoulders and not impede your ability to work at the computer. Your officemates will be jealous!
  1. Your feet don’t need to freeze at the office either. This handy heated footrest will keep your tootsies nice and warm. It tucks nicely under your desk, so it will stay safely out of the way.
  1. Keep your ears warm with 180s Puffy Quilt with Headphones. These stylish headphones keep your ears warm and allow you to listen to your favorite jams at the same time. They’re collapsible but are still constructed to block wind. Plus the stereo headphones will connect to any MP3 player
  1. Brookstone has come up with another genius idea: the ActtiVHeat heated jacket. This is the last jacket you’ll ever need to buy to combat the cold weather. It is rechargeable and wind-proof and works by using micro-thin heating elements to keep you warm and toasty while you’re hitting the slopes, hiking, or enjoying other outdoor winter activities.
  1. No one wants to touch a freezing cold steering wheel on a mega-cold morning. Now you don’t have to. Just plug a heated steering wheel cover into a 12 V DC accessory power outlet and your hands will thank you on that long cold drive to the office.
  1. Your hands don’t have to be the only part of your body that enjoys a warm drive to work. A heated car seat can make the cold morning commute a bit less agonizing. Again, it just needs to be plugged into a 12 V DC accessory power outlet.
  1. After a long day of playing in the snow or just braving the elements, you’ll want to slip into a nice warm bed. With this comfy heated mattress pad, you can do just that. With 10 heat settings and a 10-hour auto-off function, you’ll never use an electric blanket again.
Gabe Arnold
Author: Gabe Arnold