10 Crazy Facts About Ramen Noodles

Who among us hasn’t eaten instant ramen noodles at least once? There are some basic facts that are pretty well-known about the Asian convenience food. But there are also some lesser-known facts. Most of these will really surprise you!


1. The first instant ramen noodle was considered a luxury. Yes, the food that has become a common college student staple was once only affordable for the rich and privileged.

2. The length of the noodles in one package measures 51 meters. That’s almost 56 feet.

3 It’s no secret that ramen noodles are high in sodium. But they actually contain more than the recommended daily amount of the mineral. So, if you’re going to partake in them, be sure to drink lots of water to offset the negative effects.

4. Ramen noodles are the best-selling item at Rikers Island jail. Not only are they inexpensive, hot water is provided for the inmates and they can also use the flavor packets to season the other food.

5. The country of Japan voted ramen noodles as their greatest invention of the 20th century. They feel this way because it is a food that truly represents being “made in Japan” and it has global popularity.

6. In Japan, ramen is called “gakusei ryori,” which translates to “student cuisine.” So it was evidently destined to become a college student’s favorite food.

7. In keeping with the college theme, a great accompaniment for ramen noodles is beer. The bubbles in the beer along with its dry taste help to offset the fat and spice in the broth.

8. Ramen noodles were the first noodles eaten in outer space. Momofuku Ando, the creator or ramen noodles, developed a specific type of ramen that didn’t require boiled water for a Japanese astronaut to take on the Discovery space shuttle.

9. If someone were to eat ramen noodles three times a day, seven days a week, the total cost would be a little over $140.00 for the year. That’s some cheap eating!

10. According to this site, in 2011, 95 billion servings of ramen were eaten worldwide. That’s enough to feed 260 million people every day for a whole year.
Bonus: Ramen noodles are good for more than just instant soup. You can eliminate the water and use the noodles in other recipes. Check out these websites for some examples.

If you like noodles, but aren’t really a fan of the ramen variety, try Sheryl’s Amish Chicken Casserole!

Gabe Arnold
Author: Gabe Arnold