10 Things to Do Instead of Spend Money

10-things to do without spending money

It can sometimes seem difficult to come up with ways to kill boredom when money is a major issue. But, believe it or not, there are plenty of things to do that won’t put a huge dent in your wallet. So the next time you’re short on cash but looking for something to do, consider some of the following activities.

1. Rearrange the furniture. Don’t confuse this with cleaning the house. It’s amazing how much different a room can look by just moving the furniture around. Any room can have a fresh new look when a day is spent rearranging the furniture.

2. If you’re looking for something a little less taxing than moving furniture around, a fun day can always be had by playing cards or board games. Days at home can be made fun by playing old favorites such as Parcheesi that have been collecting dust in the closets.


3. Another good idea for free fun is to take a walking tour of your city. It’s amazing what you can learn about your town just by walking around. You may even find some hidden treasures right in your own back yard you otherwise wouldn’t have known about. If an informal walking tour isn’t your style, a simple brisk walk around the neighborhood can get your blood pumping and will kill a chunk of time without breaking the bank.

4. For free summertime fun, relive your childhood and run under the sprinkler in the back yard. It’s a great way to cool off from the summer heat and it will help keep your lawn from turning brown. If you’re looking for free at-home fun in the wintertime, go outside and build a snowman or ice fort. The fresh air will be good for you. Treat yourself with a nice cup of hot cocoa to warm yourself back up once you come inside.

5. Remember that old friend from high school you keep meaning to call? The next time you’re looking for something to do that doesn’t require opening your wallet, go ahead and make that call. Reconnecting with old friends costs nothing, but the rewards are great. The more you make actual human contact with someone, the more you’ll realize you may not really need Facebook.

6.If you have extra time and thrive on being an organizer, consider putting together a neighborhood clean-up campaign. This is a great activity for the budget-conscious for multiple reasons. First, those who participate in a neighborhood clean-up are directly benefitting their respective communities. Secondly, a neighborhood clean-up requires several people, so if there is a whole group of people who are looking to occupy their time without spending money, this is a great option.

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7. Are you stuck in the house all day and need to keep busy? Try making a family tree. Start out small and fill in your siblings and parents and then move on to aunts, uncles, and grandparents. You may get so wrapped up in this activity as you work on each past generation, that the day will fly by in no time. An added bonus with this activity is that it will give you an excuse to look through old photographs and other family archives that will take you down memory lane and allow you to remember all the good times from your past.

8. If you’re not into genealogy, another cost-free way to spend a day at home is to have a personalized movie festival. Go through your old DVDs (or even videotapes if you still have them) and pick out some old favorites that you haven’t seen in a while. Or throw in that movie everyone else but you has seen. Take the opportunity to watch an old black-and-white classic. Pick three or four movies that for whatever reason pique your interest, then pop some popcorn and sit back and enjoy your own personalized cinema fest.

9. If you’re itching to get out of the house, but have no money to spend, a great place to go is the public library. Obviously, the library is filled with so many books that everyone should be able to find something they like. For those who don’t like to read, movies are available to check out. Libraries also host lectures and often contain artwork to view. There is so much available at a library, it is easy to go back several times and never get board. So, keep that library card updated and valid and use your public library to your advantage.

10. Finally, one of the greatest things to do when you don’t have any money to spend is to keep your brain active. Write down your thoughts and ideas. Allow yourself to create. When you allow your mind to just work with no limitations, there’s no telling what may come of it. You may discover a hidden talent you may not have otherwise known you had. If you don’t feel comfortable writing down words, try working a crossword puzzle or Sudoku. Do anything that allows you to keep your mind active.

Gabe Arnold
Author: Gabe Arnold