10 Unique Gifts for the Person who has Everything


It’s that time of year again. Everybody seems to be out and about searching for the perfect gift for everyone on their holiday shopping list. But it’s hard to buy the same people the same tired gifts year after year. Plus how many ties or sweaters can one person get? This year think out of the box and buy a gift that will put a smile on the faces of all of your recipients, and those hard-to-buy-for people are sure not to have any of these items.

1. 50 Simple Soups for the Slow Cooker Cookbook

Everyone needs to eat and everyone loves soup. This cookbook is a great idea even for the non-culinary inclined people on your list. Slow cooker cooking is easy: dump a bunch of stuff into the slow cooker before work and come home to a hot satisfying meal. All the hard work is done while you’re away.

2. Soup and Cracker Mug Set

Since you’ll be making all that soup, you’ll need something to eat it from. So, a great companion gift for the cookbook is a handy-dandy soup and cracker mug set. Now you can put your soup in a ceramic mug and the crackers fit tidily in a compartment right next to it. Now, there’s no need for a separate plate.

3. Burger Parties Cookbook

Everyone loves burgers, but having the same old ground beef patties can get boring. Now you have an option. This cookbook is chock full of different burger recipes. There are so many different burger recipes in this book you can try a new burger each week!

4. The Bacon Crate

There isn’t a better way to show you love someone than to give the gift of bacon. This crate includes bacon jerky, bacon popcorn, bacon salt, bacon peanut brittle, bacon . . . well, you get the picture.

5. 1 Acre of Land on the Moon

If you can’t think of anything on earth to give as a gift, start thinking outer space. That’s right, you can give the gift of the moon. You’ll even receive a certificate of authenticity to prove that you really own a piece of the big Swiss cheese in the sky.

6. Circular Perpetual Calendar

This gift will be a constant reminder that time never ends. This attractive circular calendar can sit on a desk or hang on a wall. Large magnetic balls will identify months and days. It’s a great conversation piece.

7. Programmable Reconnaissance Robot

This high-tech toy is modeled after the land rover and has an adjustable neck and movable tracks. Kids (and adults) can program it to speak and can send it on innumerable missions.

8. Portable Smartphone Photo Printer

This great gadget is just made for the 21st century. It allows users to immediately print color photos from a smartphone as soon as they are taken. It’s small enough to fit in a pocket and connects wirelessly to both iPhones and Androids.

9. Walking Food Tour

A walking food tour of a major local city can be just the thing to brighten up a dreary winter day. In Chicago, food tours include world-famous pizza and hot dogs as well as some other higher-end local treats. If you don’t live near the windy city, check out the local walking tours in your area.

10. Fly a Cessna

For thrill–seekers who have a higher budget, a flight lesson on a Cessna is an experience that can’t be beat. A licensed instructor will take a “pilot” and one other passenger on a private flight where the pilot will do everything except takeoff and landing.



Gabe Arnold
Author: Gabe Arnold