10 Ways to Find Inner Peace

In today’s word there are a lot of stresses, everything from financial, family, work/life balance, etc. Many people are looking for ways to help themselves find inner peace during these challenging times.

Inner peace is something that varies by the person. For some folks, inner peace comes easy. Some people may find inner peace through religion, whereas others constantly struggle with this concept. If you are one of the people that struggle with this, below are 10 tips to help you find inner peace.

1.) Compassion -There is always someone out there who has a worse situation than you do. There is always someone out there who has more struggles than you do. In times of stress, think of those people and remind yourself how lucky you are to be in the place/mindfulness that you are.

2.) Visualization – In times of stress, peaceful people visualize a happy place. This can be anything from getting ice cream with your family to a tropical vacation. Visualization can take your mind out of the current situation and calm it with happy thoughts to make your spirit more peaceful.

3.) Accept things as they are – Sometimes situations are crazy and beyond our control. Peaceful people understand that life is like a roller coaster with a series of ups and downs. This understanding takes away a great deal of stress and anxiety which helps propel the person towards a peaceful mindset.

4.) Meditate – This can have a tremendous effect on anyone looking to find inner peace. Just 20/30 minutes per day can calm the body and clear the mind.

5.) Do one random act of kindness per day – When we think about others before ourselves, we put positive energy into the universe. This helps the person performing the act of kindness feel good about doing something nice for other people.

6.) Affirmations – Print a positive quote or goal you have and repeat it every day. This helps focus your mind on what you are trying to accomplish. Redirecting your thoughts to something positive helps people become more positive and reduce stress.

7.) Deep breathing – Peaceful people know the art of deep breathing in moments of stress. A few deep breaths can help a person relax and come to a more peaceful state.

8.) Make a vision board – Vision boards help you focus on what you want. In the book The Secret, the writer suggests visualizing what you want and the universe will give it to you. You have to visualize your wants/dreams, believe you are worthy, and you will receive them.

9.) Start a gratitude journal – Peaceful people appreciate everything they have, both good and bad. Many people learn to appreciate the things they have by starting a gratitude journal. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy; it can be as simple as a basic notebook where you journal daily about 10 things you are thankful for at that moment.

10) Peaceful people do everything in their lives with LOVE. – If you think about being kind towards others, even while facing adversity, you are guaranteed to change the energy of the universe in your favor. Since you will be emitting peaceful and kind energy, the universe will give you peaceful kind energy back.