11 Best Life Hacks Ever

grilled cheese life hacks

Life can be complicated, tiring and just downright messy. Luckily, the Internet is full of life hacks that can help you tidy your space, complete tasks more safely, do things more efficiently and perhaps even relax a bit. The following are 10 of the best life hacks on the Internet and what they can do for you:

1. The Borrower’s Album

Life Hack: By taking pictures on your smartphone of your friends holding items you’ve lent them, you can keep track of who has what. When it has been returned, delete the photo!

2. Condiment Catastrophe

Life Hack: You can save space on the serving table at your next BBQ by using a muffin tin to serve the condiments.

3. Clamshell Packaging: Hacked

Life Hack: Use a can opener to open those pesky, plastic packages and save yourself some time – and perhaps even blood.

4. Wooden Furniture Clean Up

Life Hack: You can reduce or completely remove the look of scratches on your wooden furniture by rubbing it with a walnut!

5. Candle Conundrum Uncoiled

Life Hack: If you do not have long matches, you can light the end of a stick of raw spaghetti and use that to light your candle – and save you from a burn!

6. Storing Your Supplies

Life Hack: A door-hanging shoe rack is a great tool for storing cleaning supplies. You can hang it on the back of any door, preferably a closet, and keep those toxins away from your kids!

7. Snack, Snack, Snack!

Life Hack: If you are in the mood for a grilled cheese and do not want to wash any pans, tip your toaster on its side. Slide two pieces of bread (buttered or not) into separate slots with a piece of cheese on top of each one. When they are done, slap them together and you have a toasty sandwich!

8. Nail Polish Time Saver

Life Hack: If you have a button that seems to be unraveling, put clear nail polish on it to keep the threads from falling apart.

9. Big Pot Boil Over

Life Hack: Placing a wooden spoon across a boiling pot will help keep it from boiling over.

10. Unconventional Shirt Steamer

Life Hack: If you have cabinets above your stove, hang your shirt up, put pots of water on the stove and watch it steam. (Please refrain from doing this if there is any danger of your shirt catching fire.)

11. Find Those Small Items

Life Hack: By putting a stocking over the end of a vacuum hose and securing it, you can effectively find tiny objects you may have dropped – without them getting sucked in!