Falkowski and Miller Continue to Move Laketran Forward

At the January 22nd meeting, the Laketran Board of Trustees unanimously re-elected Brian Falkowski, of Concord, as Board President to a fourth, one-year term and Paul E. Miller, of Mentor, as Vice President for a third, one-year term for 2018. President Falkowski has been a Laketran Trustee since June 2011 and Vice President Miller has served on the Laketran … Read more

Laketran Expands Alternative Fueled Fleet to Improve Efficiency

As Dial-a-Ride ridership continues to grow alongside Lake County’s aging population, Laketran is aggressively trying to find ways to make the service more efficient. One of those strategies is transitioning the 85 bus Dial-a-Ride fleet from diesel fuel to propane. General Manager Ben Capelle explained, “There’s some expenses we can’t cut. You can’t cut labor cost without cutting … Read more