5 Awesome DIY Fall Decorations

monogrammed pumpkins FB

With the changing of seasons comes a change in décor. Gone are the summer flowers and the gardens abundant with color and down come the falling leaves of orange and red. Things might be looking pretty lifeless in your yard, but it doesn’t have to be so! Here are some fall décor ideas from Midwest Living that can brighten and liven up your home.

  1. Leaf Cards

At a loss for what to do with all of the beautiful leaves flying around your yard? Gather leaves from the yard and use them to make identification cards! Pick up blank cards from your nearest craft store, and tape the flattened leaves onto the cards. To make it educational as well, you can label the cards with the name of the tree that they come from. After that, you can use the cards to decorate the inside of your home!

  1. Monogrammed Pumpkins

Nothing says fall like pumpkins. With this easy craft, everyone in your family can have their personalized pumpkin! You can use small carving tools to etch your initials, names, or patterns into any size pumpkins you’d like. The more pumpkins and the more varied the sizes are, the more creative you can get with what you put on them and how you arrange them in your home!

  1. Pumpkin Vase

This craft requires getting crafty with a knife, but with time and patience, anyone can do this. You start by getting a regular pumpkin and cutting out two top quarters – make sure to leave the stem and a strip in the middle for the handle. Carve the sides of the pumpkin however you’d like, and scoop out the base. Then, let it dry and you can fill it with anything that you’d like!

  1. Bountiful Wheelbarrow

Have an old wheelbarrow that you don’t use anymore? You can turn the wheelbarrow into the perfect decorative piece for your garden or yard. Fill it with ornamental things – grasses, seasonal plants, even pumpkins. And, in the summer, you can turn it into a beautiful flower garden. This is a bright, creative way to make your yard shine.

  1. Floating Display

Using old glass containers and some water, you can create a unique fall display. Fill the containers with water, just the right amount. Then, you can float small pumpkins, autumn flowers, and even leaves on top of the water. It’s a unique way to display all of your favorite fall things.