5 Things To Love About Northeast Ohio Weather

In February, especially toward the end, we had some odd weather. Well, odd in the general sense of the term, but not odd when it comes to Northeast Ohio. Whenever these weather changes occur, I hear people complaining. I even saw someone say on Facebook, “If the weather would show its face, I would punch it!” That made me chuckle, but it got me thinking.

Do we really have that bad of weather around here? I don’t think we do, and because I think we are very blessed with generally great weather, I wanted to encourage you to change your perspective and look at these five great features of Northeast Ohio weather:

1. When it snows – we’re prepared

Unlike some areas down south that got ice and snow this year, we have the equipment to clear the roads and move on with our lives. I’m glad we get snow every year and not once in awhile. We know to expect it!

2. We don’t get much flooding

I have seen many different areas south of us that always get a substantial amount of flooding. I just talked to a friend who said that Columbus, Ohio has flood days for schools. Not snow days, flood days! It’s nice that we are at a high elevation overall, and we don’t see much washout or flood damage ever!

3. It’s not that cold

Last month, when we had a cold snap of 10-15 below, I looked at some friends’ hometowns up in Minnesota and Wisconsin and they were seeing 40 below temperatures! It was a good reminder to me that it’s nice to be right here in Lake County where the temperatures are much milder.

4. We don’t get bad earthquakes

I have only experienced two teeny tiny itty bitty quakes here in Ohio. Can you imagine living somewhere like California and having a real threat of a severe quake? It sure is wonderful to have a home that doesn’t shake and quake!

5. You can’t get bored!

The best feature about Northeast Ohio weather is that it never gets boring! 50s today, 5 below tomorrow, and two years ago in March we had 80 degree weather. Remember? I’m so glad things are always changing and our weather is very mild overall.

What do you think? Have you found things to be thankful for when it comes to our unique Ohio weather? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Gabe Arnold
Author: Gabe Arnold