5 Ways to Get Organized in 2015


2015 has arrived and there are many aspects of your life that you may need to get organized. As we ring in the New Year, we tend to reflect on what we can improve upon in our lives. Getting organized can help you keep stress levels low and set a great tone for the year ahead. The following are 5 easy ways to organize different aspects of your life in 2015:

1. Maintain Your Metallic Possessions

A neat trick (pun intended) that was found is one that is featured on BuzzFeed’s list of “50 Clever DIY Ways to Organize Your Entire Life.” You can keep metallic items such as paper clips, pushpins, bobby pins and even earrings in their specific places by purchasing little magnetic bowls (available on Amazon).

Magnetic bowls are easy to paint and personalize so as to match your specific style or color scheme.

2. Contain Your Cords

If you have spare cords lying around, you may have just shoved them in a bag, drawer or perhaps even just left them in the wall. If you have found a place to store them, you may have been subjected to the strain of having to untangle the whole bunch to reach the one you want…

Wind up your cords and slide them into their own individual, used toilet paper rolls. By decorating your empty toilet paper rolls, you have created a visually appealing way to stay organized.

3. Dare to Reuse

Repurposing an old, wooden ladder can be the perfect way to organize your heels, scarves, blankets, magazines, etc. Ladders have several rungs that you can hang your clutter onto – hidden in plain sight. It is not only a useful way to organize but it can be a very decorative piece in any room.

4. Fix those Bathroom Drawers

According to The Nest, ice cube trays make great drawer organizers. Bathroom drawers can quickly become cluttered with hair accessories, jewelry, clips, etc. The morning can be the most stressful and rushed time of the day. By reusing ice cube trays as organizers in your bathroom drawers, you can save yourself some morning stress.

5. Save Those Shoeboxes

If you store your shoes in shoeboxes in your closet due to limited display space, save yourself some time and effort by snapping a picture of the shoes that each box contains. Adhere the pictures to the corresponding boxes to keep your closet looking neat and tidy while saving yourself some time when looking for a specific pair.

Organizing can save you time and keep you relaxed. When everything has its place, little can be lost and much can easily be found.