Awesome Homemade Valentine’s Gifts

Homemade gifts

Many people say that Valentine’s Day is a Hallmark holiday. To those that agree, maybe it is time to quit buying those Hallmark cards and stuffed animals. It’s time to start working with your hands to craft gifts that are filled with love! For those who understand the true meaning of Valentine’s Day and already plan on creating gifts for their loved ones, the following are some great homemade ideas to add to your Valentine’s Day to-do list!

Love Coupons

Whether you print them out from a website like Homemade Gifts Made Easy or make them yourself, love coupons are gifts that never expire. Your coupons can be made redeemable for anything from breakfast in bed to a back massage, movie nights to free cuddles. Each and every coupon can be catered to the specific relationship that you have with your significant other. Perhaps the greatest coupon you can give is redeemable for something as simple as letting your significant other have the remote control for a night!

Deck of Reasons Why

A simple deck of cards can mean a lot to the one you love when you have written “52 Reasons Why…” on them. Use your imagination. You could write “52 Reasons Why I Love You”, “52 Reasons Why You Stole My Heart”, or even something like “52 Reasons Why I am Lucky to Have You”. With 52 cards in a deck and a couple of jokers for front and back covers, you are given the opportunity to create the perfect Valentine’s Day gift.

You can give the whole deck to your significant other at once, punching holes in each card and tying them together with ribbon to create somewhat of a book, or you can create a gift that keeps on giving. With 52 weeks in the year, you can put them in individual envelopes and have your significant other read them on a weekly basis.

Bouquet of Flavors

If your significant other does not like flowers, or is perhaps allergic, there are still options for giving them a bouquet. If they love a certain type of candy, junk food or really anything that you can tape to a wooden skewer, this may be the perfect gift idea for you!

What you will need for this craft is a basket, box, vase or even a small, plastic garbage can, floral foam, tissue paper, wooden skewers, packing tape and the goodies that you would like to make into a bouquet.

Place the floral foam in the box, basket, vase or whatever you have chosen to be your base. Tape the goodies to the wooden skewers (you may need to use more than one depending on how heavy the item is) and arrange the bouquet by sticking the skewered snacks into the floral foam. Use the tissue paper to cover up the unsightly foam and make the piece look like a beautiful bouquet.