“Be Still” First Church Congregational June Sermon Series

First Church, Congregational, on the Square in Downtown Painesville, welcomes the community to join in its June Semon Series “Be Still” at 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m., each Sunday in June.

Rev. Tom Cofer, senior pastor at First Church Congregational said, “God tells us to, “Be still.” The Scriptures place an importance on intentional time taken to be still before God.  This month, our sermon series will be focused on simply stopping, slowing down,and spending quiet time with God so there can be lasting change.”

Life is full of movement, and movement is not a bad thing. If we are moving, we are living…we are making progress. Movement, however, can also be exhausting, both physically and mentally. In some ways also, all this movement can be paralyzing.

We can easily get caught in a rut and all that movement can be paralyzing. We may feel as if we are stuck or caught because we might be moving all over the place, but there is no direction or meaning behind it, or we may lose sight of that direction and meaning.

This sermon series is based on an idea and a 28-day devotional entitled: Be Still: A 28 Day Guide to Connecting with God by Jacob Armstrong. This daily devotional is available for download as a free pdf on the church website or available by request through email, and you are encouraged to use this as a daily devotional during the month of June.

Sunday, June 10th“Knowing and No-ing” Focus Scripture: Mark 1:29-39. Jesus was very busy, preaching, healing, and walking all over the place. Even though he was so busy, he took regular time to be alone with the Father, to clarify his mission and priorities. We have to be prepared to say “no” to some things, to be more intentional and aware of what we are doing and why.

Sunday, June 17th: (Church Anniversary Sunday & Father’s Day): “Dealing with the Noise” Focus Scripture: 1 Kings 19:9-13. Life is noisy in our busyness, metaphorically if not literally. It can be hard to stop, and it can be difficult to deal with silence. Like the prophet Elijah, we keep running, motivated by fear and anxiety. God, however, says to stop and listen, and we need to give God an opportunity to come to us in the quiet. *Note: Sunday, June 17th is a 10:00 a.m. service with the re-dedication, afterwards*

Sunday, June 24th: “Stand Still and See”: Moses told the Israelites, “the Lord will fight for you; be still,” and they saw God’s power. We think we can do everything for ourselves, but in letting God take control, we see the wonder and awesomeness of God.

Sunday, July 1st: “When the Sun Stands Still” Focus Scripture: Joshua 10:12-15. We all wish that we could stop time, to cherish a moment forever. In learning to be still, we are learning purposeful, God-appointed time. In touch with God’s purpose, we can boldly live our lives, and pray audacious prayers like Joshua’s, and take action for God.

First Church Congregational is located at 22 Liberty Ave, Painesville. For information, contact the church at 440-357-7518 or email Christy Duffus, [email protected]. Or go the website for directions and other First Church Congregational information, First Church Congregational.