Best Ever DIY Costumes For Pets

Halloween is almost upon us and can can be a fun time for pet owners. You don’t have to spend a great deal of money on your pet’s costume to have it be fun and creative. The important thing to remember when creating costumes for your favorite furry friend is to make sure there are no pieces and parts on the costume that the animal could eat or any way they could get hurt from wearing them.

Below are six costume ideas, 3 for cats and 3 for dogs, that won’t break the bank.


1. The Lion: There are different extremes that you can take this one too so we are going to give you the cheapest and easiest solution here. What you need: tan fabric. Go to your local craft store, purchase tan fabric, then take the fabric, cut into strips and knot them comfortably around your cats collar area. Do a lot, because lions have a bushy main there. If that doesn’t work for you, look in the closet and see if you have a wig from Halloween’s gone by. Cut a whole in the center. Cut out spots for the ears and put it over your cats head.

2. Sporty kitty: What you need: wrist bands (the old school ones people would wear to avoid sweat getting in their eyes) and a head band. Get four of the wrist bands and gently place them on your cat’s legs then try to place the head band on the cats collar/head area around its neck.

3. Princess kitty: What you need: a toy tiara or crown and a strip of elastic that you could attach to the crown so it fits on your cat’s mane/neck area, snug, but not too tight. This one you may have to buy if you don’t have something like this at home. Look at your local discount store to pick one of these up – super cheap! Purchase the crown, knot the elastic around one side of the crown. Try it on your cat. Pull the other piece of elastic up, knot it on the crown on the other side. Make sure the fit is comfortable, not too tight and not too loose so the crown falls off.



1. Cowboy: What you need: a child’s small cowboy hat and/or a neckerchief. Place the hat on your pet’s head and assess the fit. If it’s too small then purchase some elastic (similar methodology to the Princess kitty costume mentioned above). Tie the neckerchief loosely around the dog’s neck area or on the neckerchief area then knot it. If the neckerchief won’t fit, then knot it creatively around its colored collar/leash. Knot it on top so people can see it.

2.The Swimmer: What you need: a child size pair of goggles and a towel. Place the goggles around the mane area of the dog or, if they will tolerate it, put them so the goggles are on top of your pet’s head and the strap is around their mane area. Then place a towel near their collar/leash area and you are set to go!

3. A Ghost: What you need: an old white or light colored sheet, a marker and scissors. Put the sheet overtop of your dog quickly. Trace their body outline and go to the face. Trace holes where their eyes are and a space for a hole for their mouth. Cut out what you have just traced and get ready for people to be spooked by your pet.

The most important part is to have fun! If you don’t have any of the items mentioned above, look at a local discount store or borrow from a family member or friend. Please also be sure that your pet is comfortable. Anything that looks like it’s pinching their skin, preventing them from walking comfortably, or seeing should be avoided.

Pet MD