Delaying Parkinson’s: The ‘S’ Generation Center Can Help

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Are you a caregiver? Does someone you love need to be cared for continuously due to the crippling effects of Parkinson’s Disease? You are not alone. Stella Nsong, elder care cliff expert, explained that, according to the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services, “People who live in Northeast Ohio have a 13% higher chance of being diagnosed with Parkinson’s than anyone else.” Why? There is speculation that it is caused by environmental factors and Northeast Ohio’s proximity to the Great Lakes. Though this has not yet been proven true, one thing has: You are not alone and your loved ones deserve to be treated for this disease properly.

The ‘S’ Generation Center implemented a program entitled “Delay the Disease” earlier this year. This program was developed by the Ohio Healthcare System and Stella Nsong has taken it upon herself to become a certified Delay the Disease instructor. She describes the program as, “A daytime functional and mental program for people who want to beat and delay Parkinson’s so they can regain their body function, avoid the nursing home and enjoy life.” This mental and physical treatment program helps Parkinson’s patients fall less, move better, sleep better, improve handwriting and enjoy a higher quality of life with only two to three sessions per week.

How does this program work? This Delay the Disease program is part of the ‘S’ Generation Center’s Adult Day Care Program. It includes exercise, personal care, medication management, mental stimulation, medical supervision and socialization. Since starting this program earlier this year, Nsong states that ‘S’ Generation Center guests with Parkinson’s have seen wonderful results – some have gone from using walkers to using canes. According to NBC, exercise is the new treatment for Parkinson’s.

For less than $7/hour, you can provide your loved one with care that can preserve not only their function but their pride. There are currently nine ‘S’ Generation Guests enrolled in this program and there is plenty of room for more. So, give yourself a break from caregiving and let the ‘S’ Generation Center help!

If you are unsure of whether you can afford to enroll your loved one in the ‘S’ Generation Center’s Adult Day Care program that offers this Delay the Disease service, Stella Nsong would love to speak with you about specialized grants for this particular service. These grants can reimburse you for the cost of the program. To see if you qualify, call Stella Nsong at 440-358-4718. If you have further questions about the program itself and whether or not it is right for your loved one, please call the ‘S’ Generation Center at 440-357-6666.

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