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Stella Nsong, elder care cliff expert at the ‘S’ Generation Center, provides caregivers with the tools they need to make extremely difficult decisions through her free teleseminars. She states, “It is my belief that America is approaching an elder care cliff. My job is to help caregivers prepare and plan for care so that they have a bridge to help them not fall off the cliff.” Her seminars provide caregivers with the information needed to build these sturdy bridges.

Nsong’s next teleseminar is entitled “Assisted Living Facility or Home? Where Does Your Loved One Belong? How Do You Know?” and it will take place on Thursday, Nov. 5, at 7 p.m. EST. If you are a caregiver, you know that the decision to move an aging adult from their home into an assisted living facility or nursing home is an emotionally and financially complex one – for both the caregiver and the aging adult. What this teleseminar will provide is useful information about your options and the options for the aging adults in your life as well as which options are feasible in your particular situation.

During this upcoming teleseminar, Nsong will be going over three signs that it is time for your loved one to be admitted into an assisted living facility, five signs that it is not time for them to be admitted and two options for care when your parents refuse to go to an assisted living facility. If you are a caregiver, you know how difficult this decision is to make and Nsong’s goal is to provide you with the tools you need to make a decision that you will be confident in.

Nsong, founder of the Caregiver Relief Network, will conduct the teleseminar herself and there will even be opportunities to ask her questions. If you have heard her speak or seen the videos on her websites, it will come to no surprise to you how passionate she is about elder care. Therefore, this upcoming seminar is one that you will not want to miss.

If you want to listen in on this teleseminar, all you have to do is dial in at 605-475-4700 and enter the access code 440-504. It is as easy as that! For more information about the ‘S’ Generation Adult Day Care Center, click here. For more information about Stella Nsong and the Caregiver Relief Network, click here.

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