How 100+ Women Are Making a Difference

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You might have heard about us; we are 100+ Women Who Care, Lake. We are committed to making a difference in our local community through the power of collective philanthropy. While our main focus is providing crucial help to local charities, we’re also having a lot of fun.

We are excited to gather a group of 100+ Women, for the purpose of helping those in need. Depending on our membership, the charitable organizations may receive $10,000+, in one hour! That is powerful!

That is world changing! Together, 100+ Women Who Care, in our Lake County community, can significantly impact the many local organizations and agencies devoted to improving lives.


In November 2006, Karen Dunigan, former mayor of Jackson, Michigan, and real estate agent, started the first 100 Women Who Care group. The concept was simple: One hundred women who cared about their community would meet four times a year. At each meeting, they learned about three local charities and voted on which one to support; every member would then donate $100 to the chosen organization. At the end of the year, they raised $40,000 for their community.

In the past nine years, the impact of Karen’s idea has spread far beyond the Jackson community. More than 350 chapters of 100 Women Who Care are in operation around the world, including chapters in almost every major U.S. city.

It’s a legacy that has been touched by tragedy. Karen died of cancer in 2014, and her sisters, Jane Uhila and Patty Sete, wish she were here to witness the phenomenal growth of the last year. “Karen showed us that action and caring for others goes hand in hand,” said Uhila. “It makes us so proud that so many people have taken her idea and shared the joy of 100 Women Who Care in their communities.”

Tailored to ALL Women

The 100 Women concept is both fun and meaningful. Our chapter is comprised of women who are busy; mom’s, retirees, college students and professionals. Our meetings allow women to network, learn about great things happening in our community, and feel like we’re making a difference, without taking a lot of time out of our busy schedules. We meet 4 times a year on the second Monday of March, June, September and December, at Red Wine and Brew. The meetings last only 60 minutes.

A big part of our meetings is social, Women tend to arrive early and stay late to socialize. Our meetings are modestly disguised girls’ night out.

Get Involved

“Karen’s charitable giving idea lives every time a new chapter starts,” Sete said. “We feel such joy and love that her caring ways have changed and touched so many people in a positive way.”

Join our giving circle and help us make a collective difference in our own back yard. Learn how we do it and to review our guiding principles. If you are ready, pledge your commitment to 100+ Women Who Care, Lake.

We promptly meet at 6:30pm at Red Wine and Brew. If you are nominating a charitable cause, arrive at least 15 minutes early to register for the drawing.

Meeting Schedule for 2016

  • March 14
  • June 13
  • September 12
  • December 12
Gabe Arnold
Author: Gabe Arnold