It’s Summertime, the Season for Optimism

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The Fourth of July marks the halfway point of summer and, if you’re an optimist, that means there’s still half the summer left to enjoy! This year, we’ve tried to squeeze in all the grand ideas we had planned before the soggy weather set in. But, with only a month left before school starts again, it’s time to dust off that list. Instead of feeling as though summer is slipping through my fingers like sand, reminding me of the trip to the beach we haven’t yet made, I decided to take another look at our summer bucket list to cross off the items we’ve already experienced, and block out some time in the schedule for the ones we haven’t done yet.

We’ve completed the prerequisite sports camps and cheered through an entire season of softball games. We enjoyed outdoor festivals and creek walks. We’ve gone on bike rides, blown bubbles, caught fireflies, and watched fireworks. We’ve lathered on sunscreen and spent time at the waterpark, but more often, covered ourselves in bug repellant and splashed in rain puddles while listening to the sultry songs of tree frogs.

We’ve planted and weeded gardens, grilled burgers, roasted marshmallows, picked berries and made jam. We’ve practiced math, read books and engaged in park programs to ward off the dreaded summer slide. We also took advantage of rainy days to catch up on some of our favorite movies and TV shows. We’ve had sleepovers galore, popped popcorn, baked cookies and stayed up way too late a few times, too.

Although we’ve done quite a bit during the first half of summer, we’re not through yet. Luckily, we’ve got another month of opportunities to cross of the rest of our summer to-dos. There’s still a family camping trip to prepare for, and plenty more swimming and hiking opportunities on the horizon. Graduation parties, birthday parties, and an outdoor music festival are on the calendar in ink. There’s always time to squeeze in more ice cream, and perhaps a trip to the beach and maybe a drive-in movie double feature.

So, even though some of our plans must also include getting ready for school – buying supplies and shopping for new clothes and shoes – there are many days left that can be chock full of summer fun. Then next time you flip open your calendar, instead of remorsefully watching those summer days wind down toward fall, why not schedule some more summer memory-making opportunities while the season is still here?

Gabe Arnold
Author: Gabe Arnold