JLP CPAs Grows Mentor Economy One Small Business at a Time

Tom Judge

Dedicated to helping other businesses grow to their fullest potential, JLP CPAs  offers its clients sound business advice and financial direction in Mentor, Ohio. JLP CPAs’ client-first mentality was inspired by owner and founder Tom Judge because he saw that small businesses demanded a CPA firm that could play a role as a trusted part of their team.

While working with several big name accounting firms, Tom learned that small businesses often lacked someone on their team who was very experienced in the financial side of business. He saw first-hand that this usually happened because these small businesses were not able to put these financial mavericks on payroll.

Back in 2004, Tom Judge caught the entrepreneurial bug. After having earned his master’s degree and with over a decade of experience in accounting, he was ready to go into business for himself and supply small businesses in Mentor, Ohio with a CPA firm that could help them maximize their business financially.

“The key was to help smaller business be able to have a better understanding of their finances and help them improve their cash flow,” Tom says. “We in a sense are serving as outsourced controllers or CFOs and are able to help guide small businesses financially.”

For the small business owner, JLP CPAs can do their accounting, tax and compliance work, payroll, back-office accounting support, integrating cloud computing accounting software and help them automate processes to promote maximum efficiency.

“We’re able to free small businesses up from administrative burdens and it also gives us more financial data to be able to better advise them,” Tom says.

Tom and his team pride themselves on being a vital part to the small businesses they work with. They are not just the business’s accountants as they are willing to work very closely with businesses in almost a consultant or board of directors capacity. The relationships between the clients and JLP CPAs goes deep and a foundation of trust promotes great communication and the creative flow of business ideas. Although they offer individual tax return services, JLP CPAs are much more than a once-a-year prepare a tax return kind of CPA firm for businesses. They are passionate about growing your business to meet your goals and dreams.

“We are involved with our clients’ businesses,” Tom says. “For example, they will come to us with questions like ‘I’m looking to expand my business. Should I buy this competitor or open a new location? Should we offer health insurance? What’s going to happen with the Affordable Care Act?’ We’re deeply engrained with their business and we like that because we are better able to guide them.”

One of the biggest challenges JLP CPAs faced while growing their business was to get people to understand the potential benefits they can offer to small business to their overall growth. As a firm, JLP CPAs can be so much more than just a tax solutions service as they get excited by working with the businesses to help them grow and achieve their dreams. Not only can JLP CPAs save businesses money, but they can also help business owners regain more time freedom in their work lives by offering their advising solutions.

“It’s more than a ‘hey, how are ya’ kind of thing,” Tom says. “I have clients who I’ve worked with for more than 10 years so I definitely have a close relationship with them.”

Everyday JLP CPAs helps the Mentor, Ohio community by growing its economy through the successes of Mentor’s small businesses. The CPA firm helps Mentor businesses increase their profitability, retain employees and hire new employees creating more jobs in the local economy.

“Over the last 10 years when the country has gone through the recession and other financial problems, small business is what has kept the economy alive,” Tom says. “Small business is generating money that gets spent to keep the economy moving. The more we are able to help small businesses do well and not just scrape by is helping the whole economy.”

As a successful entrepreneur, Tom offers those considering starting their own business some words of wisdom.

“Make sure you have a strong passion for it because you will be challenged whether financially or emotionally,” Tom advises those considering the entrepreneur path. “It can’t just be about the money because there are so many times when you might doubt it. If you can’t come back to it as your calling when times get hard, it gets very easy to give up and give in to the difficult times.”

Tom made a lot of sacrifices for the first three or four years when he took the leap to found JLP CPAs in 2004. For awhile it was a week-to-week operation for him financially, but because he was passionate in helping businesses grow and succeed, he was always focused on this passion and persevered. Now JLP CPAs successfully helps many businesses in Mentor, Ohio and in the area.


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