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Women vs. Inflammation: Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease and Inflammation

March 12 @ 8:30 am - 5:00 pm

Women vs. Inflammation: Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease and Inflammation

7th Annual

Women vs. Inflammation: Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease and Inflammation

March 12th 8:30AM – 5 PMLive virtual event.*The event linkwill be available to registrants March 12th -20th.

7CEU’s pending for RNs & 7CEU’s available for RDs

Women are on the front lines more than ever and we are united in our goal to transform and protect the health of our families, our communities, and ourselves. Given the incredible challenges that we’re currently facing, there’s never been a better time than now to understand the critical link between food, inflammation, and heart health.

Our March 12th conference, Women vs. Inflammation: Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease and Inflammation, immerses you in the powerful role of plant-based nutrition in extinguishing inflammation and protecting our hearts. We will serve up critical life-saving information in 6 presentations, and delicious health-promoting recipes in 6 cooking demos, to make sure you are armed to the teeth and ready to take on inflammation.

Long-lasting, resilient health does not come from a pill, procedure, or technological breakthrough, but from the grocery cart, the garden, and the end of the fork. Join us virtually to hear from our amazing lineup of experts:

  •  Dr. Robynne Chutkan, integrative gastroenterologist and the bestselling author of Gutbliss, The Microbiome Solution, and The Bloat Cure. Our modern day Hippocrates will kick things off by explaining how: “All disease begins in the gut” and telling you about the powerful cures that can be found there too. Dr. Chutkan will take us on a deep dive into how our digestive tracts host our microbiome, and how our microbiome determines our power to fight disease. We are all ears for a sneak preview of her upcoming book, The Anti-Viral Gut (publishing date 10/22).
  • Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr., Director of the Cardiovascular Disease Prevention and Reversal Program at the Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute will discuss the latest research and information pertaining to heart health and women.
  • Dr. Monica Aggarwal, preventive cardiologist, is based in Orlando, Florida but reaches an even wider audience via telehealth as part of Wholistic Cardiology and conducts research at the University of Florida. Dr. Aggarwal is the author of “Body on Fire: How Inflammation Triggers Chronic Illness and the Tools We Have to Fight It.” Her presentation includes her own personal and professional experience with inflammation, disease, and healing.
  • Dr. Anne Bingham, is a uniquely skilled, serene, and incredible plant-based OB/GYN who will present on the life-altering power of plants to enhance everything woman – from above the belt to under the hood. You wont want to miss what she has to say!
  • Jane Esselstyn, RN, creator of the recipes in Plant-Strong, The Engine 2 Seven Day Rescue and co-author of The Engine 2 Cookbook and The Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease Cookbook along with her co-author, mom, and partner in kitchen-crimes…
  • Ann Esselstyn M.Ed. Jane and Ann will present their lively, easy to follow plant-based cooking demos all throughout the day with Women vs. Inflammation in the Kitchen—Demos from Dawn til Dusk.
  • Brian Hart M.Ed., executive director of the Esselstyn Family Foundation, will lead an interactive discussion about clever and innovative ways to make better food choices.

Join the challenge of taking this information from theory into practice with us to guide you every step of the way! All registrants will receive a grocery list in early March that matches our numerous cooking demos. This way you’ll have the opportunity to prepare the same meals at home that we demo throughout the day. Our feedback after last year’s virtual event clearly stated how much participants enjoyed cooking in their own kitchen, “the hands-on participation helped me see the path forward vs. the hurdles ahead!”

Anyone is welcome to attend this conference since all will benefit from the timely and empowering information that will help transform us into plant-based, self-care warriors! In addition to delicious plant-based demos, we’ll have our usual dancing at the breaks.

The power to change your health is within reach. You are the only one who can make the decision to move forward toward your best and most healthy life. You are sitting in the driver’s seat with the controls in your hands: your fork, knife, and spoon. Use them wisely! At the end of this conference, you will walk away with a heathy heart, a belly filled with new recipes, and the know-how to fight inflammation. We can’t wait to join you on your journey to better health!

Event host: Jane Esselstyn, RN is no stranger to plant-based nutrition and disease prevention. She is an author, researcher, mother, wife, registered nurse, teacher, and plant-based recipe creator. Jane and her spit-fire mother, Ann Crile Esselstyn, co-authored The Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease Cookbook and host a lively YouTube channel featuring their recipes. Their work is an accompaniment to Jane’s father —noted physician Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr., MD’s book and  NY Times bestseller —Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease.  Jane and Ann’s next book, Be a Plant-Based Woman Warrior, release date is August, 2022.

Featured Speakers and Presentations:

  •  Robynne Chutkan, MD, integrative gastroenterologist and author of Gutbliss, The MIcrobiome Solution and The Bloat Cure, presents: The Anti-Inflammatory Gut: Exploring the Link Between Inflammation and Immunity
  • Monica Aggarwal, MD, preventative cardiologist and researcher presents: Body On Fire: A Cardiologist Personal and Professional Fight Against Inflammation
  • Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr., MD, Director of the Cardiovascular Disease Prevention and Reversal Program at the Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute and author of Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease, presents: The Arrest and Reversal of Cardiovascular Disease with Nutrition: Fact or Fiction?
  • Jane Esselstyn RN and Ann Crile Esselstyn, M.Ed., co-authors of The Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease Cookbook, and soon to be published, Be A Plant- Based Woman Warrior, present: Women vs. Inflammation in the Kitchen—Demos from Dawn til Dusk 
  • Anne Bingham, MD, OB/GYN, presents: “Cooling the Flames – Using Lifestyle to Reduce Inflammation in Women’s Health”
  • Brian Hart, M.Ed., Executive Director of the Esselstyn Family Foundation, presents: Simple Clever Ways to Make Better Food Choices


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