Need to De-stress? Mary Landies Reflexology and Massage Can Help!

Need to De-Stress? Mary Landies Reflexology and Massage Can Help!

De-stressing and helping people improve their overall wellness is something Mary Landies has always had a passion for. Landies is an Ethical Massage Practitioner and Reflexologist.

A reflexologist assists patients with therapy sessions that use many different techniques including all points on the feet, hands and ears. Sessions generally start at the fingers or toes and work down to the sides and top of those areas. The reflexologist addresses issues patients face with organs, glands, muscle groups, bones and other health concerns during a session. They often find spots where there is “congestion” or tightness on a patient then apply pressure to those areas and work to bring the body back into balance.

Landies is a fan of holistic health. “I always wanted to work in the industry of natural and holistic health. I feel there is much of a person’s well-being that can be experienced through preventative and home remedies,” she said. “I’ve always had interest in what herbs and plant based medicine can do for the body.”

She takes great pride in helping people de-stress, “Most American experience more stress than what’s considered healthy,” Landies said. “Unfortunately stress is here to stay. So I was looking for a natural way to help people experience relaxation.”

Studies that show massage can greatly improve overall wellness. Check out these stories from and Web.MD.

A massage session begins with an overview of your medical history. Sessions are given on a massage table that can be set up at your home or spa location. Chair massages are portable and can be done in almost any location including your stressful workplace.

Landies favors reflexology for helping improve her patients wellness stating, “I love reflexology. The whole body can relax in the matter of 40 to 45 minutes. All the person has to do is sit down and remove their socks and shoes and that is it.”

She is passionate about helping people relax and de-stress, “The fact that I know the person is taking 60 minutes out of their busy schedule to relax, rejuvenate and de-stress. I feel good for patients after their session because massage and reflexology will help them have a better outlook and improve their overall well being. These techniques help them to be more physically rested and equip them to confront life’s issues,” says Landies.

In addition, Landies believes she is helping the community by de-stressing people from their hectic busy lifestyles. “I help my clients who have to balance work, children and aging parents. It’s their one time a week where they can completely relax and not talk.”


Landies doesn’t have her own storefront which has posed its share of challenges. However, she does work out of her home in Chardon, the wellness room at Chagrin Yoga and Blue Sky Yoga. She is very proud her business has done well on word of mouth referrals. “I get a lot of work from my referrals. I have associates from my referrals.”

A newer project Landies has been involved in is spa parties. These parties have been set up with Landies and her partners (business owners from places where she has her massage services set up). She has a corporate account with Parker Hannifin for reflexology and visits them twice a month.

If Landies could give one bit of advice to new business owners it would be, “Treat your business the way you treat your checkbook. Then reinvest into your business at a later date. That’s been my approach, that’s not conventional, but that works for me.”

One big event Landies has coming up is through Blue Sky Yoga. She is leading an Introduction to Reflexology Class, December 14 from 2:00 – 3:00 p.m. Mark your calendars! It will be an exciting event!

For more on Mary and her Massage and Reflexology offerings check out her website.

Gabe Arnold
Author: Gabe Arnold