New Owner of The Cabin Restaurant in Willowick Lauded for His Efforts

The News-Herald BOUQUETS >> To Carmen Paponetti, for the work he has done as the new owner of The Cabin restaurant since taking the reins of the longtime Willowick eatery on December 1.

Diners at The Cabin, 28810 Lake Shore Blvd., now see new linens, dishes, a digital sign outside the restaurant and a menu, which includes the addition of sushi.

The Cabin of Willowick works primarily with local suppliers for most of its needs.

“We focus on trying to get the best ingredients and focus on making the very best food and drink,” Paponetti said.

Some of what is used in the restaurant is grown right on the premises. The basil, oregano, thyme, mint, jalapenos and green bell peppers, along with tomatoes, are grown on the restaurant’s patio.

“So some of it is very, very local,” Paponetti said.

The Cabin has changed its hours of operation as well, and is now open Monday through Saturday for both lunch and dinner.

“We are very passionate about what we do and we really want it to be done the right way,” Paponetti said. “We really care to do a good job, and we want our customers to understand that when they come in, what they get is a lot of forethought and we really cared to make it the right way for them.”

It sounds like The Cabin is in good hands under Paponetti’s ownership.