Nominations open to select 2022 Leadership Lake County Leader of the Year

Leadership Lake County honors community involvement and effective leadership

Leadership Lake County is pleased to announce nominations are open through Feb. 25 for the prestigious Leadership Lake County Leader of the Year award.

Each year, the Leadership Lake County Leader of the Year award is presented to an outstanding recipient for his or her contributions in Lake County. A committee comprised of Leadership Lake County trustees and graduates is charged with selecting each year’s winner.

Nominees must have demonstrated the advancement of Leadership Lake County’s mission and values. Nominees do not have to be graduates of Leadership Lake County. However, those submitting nominations must be a Leadership Lake County graduate in good standing.

Nominations are only accepted electronically. To submit a nomination, visit:

“This year we anticipate a very strong group of nominations especially as Covid continues to challenge each of us to stretch beyond our comfort zones, both personally and professionally, to positively impact our community,” said Jessie Baginski, Leadership Lake County CEO. “The committee looks carefully for evidence of advancing our mission and servant leadership that raises others up to achieve their potential.”

The mission of Leadership Lake County is to develop present and future leaders for social, economic and civic excellence in our community. The core values of the organization are relationship building, collaboration, responsiveness, high ethical conduct, and inclusion and diversity.

Kevin Malecek, director of economic development and international trade for the city of Mentor, was selected as the 2021 Lake County Leader of the Year. 

Malecek joined past Leadership Leader of the Year recipients Wilbur R. Moyer, 1989; Joseph D. Rusnak, 1990; Richard H. Gehring, 1991; Michael D. Lyster, 1992; Joseph A. Lesak, 1993; Dr. Ralph R. Doty, 1994; Kenneth M. Iwashita, 1995; Jack E. Daniels, 1996; Arthur S. Holden, Jr. and Constance P. Irvin, 1997; J. William Stanton, 1998; Paul J. Beddia, 1999; Harry L. Allen, Jr., 2000; Dr. James H. Capitan, 2001; Thomas W. Benda, 2002; David J. Enzerra, 2003; Cynthia Moore-Hardy, 2004; Roger J. Sustar, 2005; Dr. Morris W. Beverage Jr., 2006; Ellen Foley Kessler, 2007; Judie and Dave Crockett, 2008; Nancy and Ed Brown, 2009; Bruce M. Kephart, 2010; Michael T. Victor, 2011; Dr. Jacqueline Hoynes, 2012; Rita and Peter Carfagna, 2013; Bob Cahen, 2014; Judge Colleen Falkowski, 2015; Andrew L. Meinhold, 2016; Dave Cowen and Dennis Eckart, 2017; Nancy L. Guthrie, 2018; Daniel A. Dunlap, 2019; and Nancy Brunner Sanden, 2020.

The 2022 Leadership Lake County Leader of the Year Award will be presented at the 36th Annual Leadership Celebration on June 1 at St. Noel’s Banquet Center in Willoughby Hills.

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