Pamela D. Kurt selected as 2022 Leadership Lake County Leader of the Year

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Pamela D. Kurt, 2022
Lake County Leader of the Year


Leadership Lake County is pleased to announce Pamela D. Kurt has been chosen as the 2022 Lake County Leader of the Year.

The prestigious Leadership Lake County Leader of the Year award is presented annually to an outstanding recipient for his or her contributions to Lake County. A committee comprised of Leadership Lake County trustees and graduates is charged with selecting each year’s winner.


The Painesville resident is an attorney and owner/partner of the Kurt Law Office in Willoughby. She currently serves as president of the Lake County Bar Association and is a member of Leadership Lake County’s Signature Class of 2015.


Kurt has served as a past president of a Business Networking International local chapter in Willoughby, is a Lakeland Community College Hall of Fame recipient, Willoughby Western Lake County Chamber of Commerce Small Business of the Year winner, and National Association of Professional Women winner of Woman of the Year.


She is a regular speaker nationally and co-author of two different women series, Everyday Women and Unstoppable Women as owner of women life coaching business, “Best Version of You” found in 2020.



Kurt is active in many community organizations including service as a board member for the Western Lake County Chamber of Commerce, Forbes House, Pay it Forward Foundation of Cleveland, Willoughby Hills Economic Development Committee, Willoughby United Methodist Church (Mission and Social Concerns Committee), Learning About Business Board Member, Joann Davidson Leadership Institute Class of 2013, Lake County Planning Commission since 2017 and Lake County ADAMHS Board since 2019.


She is honored and thankful to be selected as Leadership Lake County Leader of the Year.


“It’s very humbling, I was taken aback by surprise for sure,” Kurt said. “I’m so grateful and what an honor. The caliber of people that would even consider me was very humbling. I’m very happy about it and appreciative that they would even think that of me.”

She believes what makes someone a good leader is they look out for what is best for all involved.

“I think it’s important for a leader to look at the big picture, betterment of the group, and try to consider all players in any major decision,” Kurt said. “I think a leader is someone that would never do anything they ask of others that they wouldn’t do themselves.”


She said a foundation of leadership strategies plays a role when it comes to time for her to make leadership decisions.


“I usually make major decisions listening to my gut and my faith is very important to me,” Kurt said. “I usually sleep on it or say a prayer on it and hope that I will know what the best decision will be. There have been times when I’ve had to make a tough decision. As a leader in a business role, I need to make decisions that are best for the business and I think those are the toughest, when they affect an individual. But I look at what I have to do is best for the group.”


Part of being a good leader is an understanding that every decision is not correct, Kurt said.


“I think a strong leader can make a wrong decision and won’t let pride or ego stand in the way of making a corrective decision or taking a corrective action” she said.


Christen Kane serves as chair of the Leadership Lake County Leader of the Year Committee.

“I could not be more excited to honor Pam Kurt with the 2022 Leader of the Year award,” Kane said. “Pam’s efforts to lead in her profession, and in her community, are evident by the variety of organizations she is actively engaged in. From the Lake County Bar Association, to creating and hosting on-line and in-person life coaching for women, Pam is focused on giving her time to improving the community and people around her.”

Laurie Principe, chair of the Leadership Lake County Board of Directors, was delighted with Kurt’s selection.

“Pam is a true example of the meaning of leadership. Her continued contributions to the people of Lake County and to our quality of life are immeasurable,” Principe said. “On behalf of the Board of Directors of Leadership Lake County, I extend our heartfelt congratulations to Pam.”

Kurt joins past Leadership Leader of the Year recipients Wilbur R. Moyer, 1989; Joseph D. Rusnak, 1990; Richard H. Gehring, 1991; Michael D. Lyster, 1992; Joseph A. Lesak, 1993; Dr. Ralph R. Doty, 1994; Kenneth M. Iwashita, 1995; Jack E. Daniels, 1996; Arthur S. Holden, Jr. and Constance P. Irvin, 1997; J. William Stanton, 1998; Paul J. Beddia, 1999; Harry L. Allen, Jr., 2000; Dr. James H. Capitan, 2001; Thomas W. Benda, 2002; David J. Enzerra, 2003; Cynthia Moore-Hardy, 2004; Roger J. Sustar, 2005; Dr. Morris W. Beverage Jr., 2006; Ellen Foley Kessler, 2007; Judie and Dave Crockett, 2008; Nancy and Ed Brown, 2009; Bruce M. Kephart, 2010; Michael T. Victor, 2011; Dr. Jacqueline Hoynes, 2012; Rita and Peter Carfagna, 2013; Bob Cahen, 2014; Judge Colleen Falkowski, 2015; Andrew L. Meinhold, 2016; Dave Cowen and Dennis Eckart, 2017; Nancy L. Guthrie, 2018, and former Lake County Sheriff Daniel A. Dunlap, 2019; Nancy Brunner Sanden, 2020; and Kevin D. Malecek, 2021.

The 2022 Leadership Lake County Leader of the Year Award will be presented at the 36th Annual Recognition Banquet at 5:30 p.m. June 1 at St. Noel’s Banquet Center in Willoughby Hills.

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