Shaolin Kung Fu Institute: A Place for Kids

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Ever since the early 1970’s when Gino Belfiore first saw the television series “Kung Fu”, he knew that this would become his passion. He saw that the main character in that movie was able to use martial arts to help people and became inspired because of it. He began training in martial arts shortly after that time and has been involved in the art ever since. Through is training, he has learned so much about the art and himself that he wants to pass on to the youth of our community here in Northeast Ohio.

Belfiore began teaching martial arts in 1994 and opened his own studio, Shaolin Kung Fu Institute, shortly after. Belfiore, when asked about his practice, states, “I am in the business of teaching martial arts, more specifically Kung Fu, to everyone ages three and up.”

He continued, “Along with traditional classes, I have taught martial arts at local schools and daycares as an alternate PE/Gym class.” His goal is to motivate the community’s youth to learn how to be physically and mentally healthy through martial arts exercise, focus and discipline. When asked why this is so important, Belfiore explained, “Self-defense is not about violence. Teaching children self-defense is about building confidence. Children who have been trained in martial arts can be confident going to school knowing that they do not need to worry about bullies. Martial arts gives them confidence and self-esteem so they can learn and grow.”

When it comes to the NE Ohio community, Belfiore and his fellow trainers not only volunteer their time to teach at local schools and daycares but they have also been known to volunteer their time performing demonstrations in the Asian community and providing training for local police forces. The atmosphere at Shaolin Kung Fu Institute is truly one of community and family.

The Shaolin Kung Fu Institute is open Monday through Friday from 12 – 9 p.m. and Saturdays from 8 a.m. – 2 p.m., and is located at 28142 Chardon Rd. in Willoughby Hills. For more information, please visit their location or call 440-585-4900.

For more information about Shaolin King Fu Institute, visit their website. Also be sure the “LIKE” their Facebook Page.

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