Spring Break Programs at the Environmental Learning Center

Weather Day 

Environmental Learning Center

March 18 • noon to 4 pm

When you look up at the sky, what do you see? Have you ever wondered why your hair stands up before lightning strikes? If so, Weather Day is the place to be. Explore all things weather noon to 4 pm on March 18 at the Environmental Learning Center. Be part of a snowstorm to learn all about Lake Effect Snow. Make your own anemometer, a device used for measuring wind speed and direction, and understand why when it rains, it pours. Take a hike to the Research Station and learn all about the sun.

Water Day Environmental Learning Center

March 26 • noon to 4 pm

What is the most important thing to all living things? If you guessed water, you are right! Discover all the amazing properties and characteristics of water during Water Day noon to 4 pm on March 26 at the Environmental Learning Center. Be a water droplet and go on an adventure across the world, look closely at how water erodes sand and soil and try your best to stop it! Try your hand at making music with water and head out on a hike to look closely at what is living in the water in your backyard.

Both events are free for all ages. No registration is required.

Weather Day and Water Day will be held at the Environmental Learning Center, located at 7250 Alexander Road in Concord Twp. (44077).

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