Why Should You Buy Locally?

It seems like buying local has become one of those “earthy crunchy” trends that someone hipper than I started. As a rule breaker at heart, I always try to go against the flow. Sometimes it’s just because I like being difficult. So the more I kept hearing “buy local” over the past few years, I just wanted to go against the flow because that’s the way I am. But alas, I have discovered that it really doesn’t make any sense to not buy local. There are too many wonderful advantages. Now, instead of trying to be unruly, I am going to share with you the 7 reasons that I’ve come to believe are key factors in why I buy locally here in our county:

1. It’s Faster

I buy a lot things online that I can’t get locally, but the problem with that is I have to wait for the item to ship! When I buy something locally, I can pick it up the same day and satisfy my needs and wants immediately. Buying local is faster!

2. It’s Often Cheaper

Rather than drive somewhere far away or order online and have to pay for shipping, if you can find what you need locally, you are much better off paying a little bit more than the listed retail price of an item online. In the end, the time and money involved with shipping will often equal out to the price you can pay in a local store.

3. It’s Better for the Environment

Did you know that everything you buy online comes on a truck? There was a saying I heard years ago that went like this, “If you bought it, it came on a truck.” And that’s right. While I am very thankful for the products I can buy online and have shipped to my home or business, I am always reminded of the fact that buying local means less pollution! Take a moment to think about that next time you buy something that you can buy locally.


4. It Helps Me Connect with My Community

One of the best things about buying local is being able to meet the local business owners in my community. Having a face behind that product or service you buy means a lot when it comes time to solve a problem or ask for advice. Walking into the local hardware store or local farmers market is a very connected and authentic experience. Find the small businesses around you and support them first!

5. It’s Healthier

Medical studies have shown that buying local food is healthier for you. When you buy local produce you are less likely to contract any rare diseases, like the ones that come from overseas crops, and you also will continue to build healthy immunities by eating locally produced food.

6. You’ll Have Someone to Turn to When You Need Help

Responsible local business owners know that their livelihood comes from their community. When a problem does occur with your local purchase, respectfully ask for the business owner’s help. Remember that you are there to support their long term success, and they are there to help you with your problems. When you approach the relationship with success and a long term partnership in mind, everything will work out better for you. Buying local gives you a real person to talk to. Not some distant call center employee that has trouble relating to you and your home town.

7. You’re Sowing Back Into Your Own Economy

When you buy local, you get to support your local economy. You may be a business owner yourself, or you may not be, but either way, when a local business prospers, it means good things for your community. Local jobs come from successful local businesses. Tax revenues pay for our roads and our infrastructure, so the more local businesses can make, the more opportunity we have to support our local governments that support our communities.

So there you have it. Those are the 7 reasons why I buy locally. I hope that you’ll take a moment to think about how you can buy local and support more of the businesses in your community.

Why do you buy local? Share your comments below.

Gabe Arnold
Author: Gabe Arnold